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Bella Vista Spa & Marina Onomichi


"SETOUCHI KILOMETER:ZERO" is a keyword that represents "Bella Vista Quality" based on local production for local consumption.
This concept expresses love for Hiroshima/Onomichi, Tomonoura and Setouchi. Bella Vista provides superb elements that can only be enjoyed at this location, rooted in the region’s food, industries and culture, such as local ingredients from the sea and the mountains of Hiroshima and the Inland Sea, as well as local denim, Kasuri fabric and furniture.


Bella Vista Uniqueness Points


Blissful Dining

Japanese and Western dining restaurants with a great view of the Inland Sea

"Treats of Setouchi" proudly presents excellent dishes that can be only enjoyed at Bella Vista, made from fresh ingredients that are mainly produced locally, served with close attention to detail from cooking methods to presentation and serving.

Spa & Esthetics

Liberate Both Body and Mind

Guests can experience a sublime time.

Viewing baths from where you can enjoy the stunning scenery that spreads out beyond the steam, as well as indoor baths and stone saunas with the rich fragrance of Hinoki cypress. Luxurious, personalized beauty treatment where you can sink into deep relaxation in a completely private room. Enjoy blissful moments while surrounded by the excellent views.


Together with Setouchi

All rooms offer prime ocean views. Spending time with Setouchi’s light, breeze and the sound of waves.

All rooms provide prime ocean views weaved together by the beauty of the many islands of the Seto Inland Sea. The interiors are also exceptional spaces designed for comfort, where guests can be surrounded by the sea and the mountains. Please also take note of each of the carefully selected furniture, items and amenities.


Directions to Bella Vista

About 120 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport
About 60 minutes from Osaka and Kobe
About 65 minutes from Hiroshima Station
About 90 minutes from Fukuoka


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