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Blissful Dining

Japanese and Western dining restaurants
with a great view of the Inland Sea

Blissful Dining

Restaurant Information


Main DiningErretegia

Chefs who mainly trained in the Basque region famed for its delicious cuisine, as well as cooks from around the world, freely express their abilities.
The terrace under the roof and the kitchen provide 2 areas to let you experience our Setouchi Resort, depending on the situation.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

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Sushi Sobo

Sushi Sobo

Sushi Sobo combines the attractions of both Tokyo-style and Setouchi cuisine. Take your time to enjoy the carefully selected fresh, seasonal fish from Setouchi chosen by the chef, as you view the beautiful Inland Sea from the counter.


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Setouchi Sobo


A traditional Japanese restaurant where you can dine on seasonal ingredients to your heart’s content.
20 types of seasonal dishes have been carefully selected by Bella Vista for the Japanese-style breakfast. For lunch and dinner, dishes rich with the blessings of the Inland Sea have been proudly selected by the head chef, then prepared for you with the traditional techniques of Japan at the most delicious timing.

Breakfast / Dinner

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The Dark

The Dark

Unadulterated flavors can be enjoyed at The Dark, a bar that emerges from the shadows of night.
The only sources of light are the pin spotlights that are used instead of coasters and the outlines of the glasses and bottles.

Bar The Dark

18:00 - 23:00(L.O.22:30)


Bella Vista MarinaSOFU PASTA & CAFE

An original pasta restaurant in the club house of Bella Vista Marina.
You can enjoy fine quality pasta that changes seasonally, while taking in the sea breeze of the Inland Sea that spreads out right in front of you.

Lunch / Cafe

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